Zoom and Clear Modem

Zoom Modem
Zoom Modem
Modem communication is one of the products that currently are sought to meet the needs of people who want to directly connect to the Internet anytime, Zoom Modem is the leading brand based in Boston in 1977. They are a company that presents a lot of quality communication products with the best products.

The design and quality of the Zoom Modem certainly can not doubt they present the best goals that would provide a nice benefit for you. Recognizing that communication is so important and Zoom Modem appears as a product that delivers the best speed and accuracy.

Some sales offices have been expanded from Zoom Modem, this is done to meet the needs of consumers are getting higher and some of their sales have been scattered in Miami (Latin America), Spanish and English. To date they become competent company, and here's one of their products are popular and reviewed for you.

Zoom Modem has one of the popular model modem of many of the best, the DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem with Model 5341H and 5341J have many advantages. Have internet speeds reaching 172 Mbps downstream and 143 Mbps upstream, with features 10/100/1000 Mbps Fast Ethernet can connect to Windows and others, have advanced capabilities such as IPv4 and IPv6 are extremely powerful and flexible for the network.

Another advantage of the Zoom Modem is energy efficient with power over the cube, Ethernet cable and Quick Start, has a special safety certificate for such as CableLabs, 15B FCC, RoHS, Comcast, Cox, and others and of course with this product you will find it easy first they have good cooperation with all cable modem service in the U.S. and around the world.

Clear Modem
Clear Modem
Modem is a thing that today many people choose to meet their needs for Internet services, not only able to provide a connection but there is something interesting about where their modem comes with interesting features are nice. Clear Modem is one example of the many modems on the market, but there is one thing that makes them more special and here for your review.

New - Clear Modem has recently launched a new model on the market, they have WiMAX service that is designed to meet the needs of offices and housing. Modem of this one was special, they called Wi-Fi and you would have tried to guess what is behind the title is, of course they are integrated Wi-Fi b, g, n radio with a 4G connection that is very admirable.

In addition to the above features, the latest products from Clear Modem also comes with a single Ethernet port for hooking up a computer to function cable, then there is also a simple gauge of five LED signal strength. Of course all the features that were presented at the Clear Modem so awesome, they are very efficient and complete.

If you are currently planning to find Clear Modem with Wi-Fi is then the $ 120 you can just bring them home, but if you just want to rent it with the $ 7 you can take them for a month. This is certainly a nice option; they are easy, affordable, perfect, and certainly very impressive.

Internet does not inevitably so useful, they arrived with the best information and diverse. Surf the internet would have to have a vehicle, and Clear Modem to be the best vehicle you to find the speed and accuracy of a fun trip.