Medeco Locks

Medeco Locks
Talking about home security, of course, Medeco Locks is an expert because since 1968 they have become a big company that is always innovating to provide products with high electro-mechanical as a secure locking system. To date they continue to grow and lead the market, with the best integrity of the device locking them into a quality security provider.

Since the first president of Medeco Locks "Oliver Roy" founded the company, since then also the innovation and drive to always grow in the repair always be in place and to date they still adhere to this commitment. Security is a priority that becomes their focus, and this is part of a commitment to produce that meets security standards.

Fulfillment standardization of Medeco Locks always through testing through an independent laboratory for results, they are always associated with the UL and ANSI / BHMA standard. Consistency is always they hold, of course, the goal back to produce high security, and most probably is best to exceed all safety standards are high.

Each item belongs to Medeco Locks are always presented with an official certification that meets these standards; they have high security certification of UL437 and has a security level which is also very high with the ANSI / BHMA A156.30A. This certainly proves that, Medeco Locks did have the best for your dedication and beyond their responsibilities as a provider of tools for best security.

Until now Medeco Locks remains the best leader in the industry, they are always creative and continue to innovate to find the best. Throughout the history of their products is certainly not disappoint, with the best the experience it is very convincing if you come to them and find the best.