Use Meditation To Relieve Stress

Meditation is a form of alternative medicine that promotes relaxing and mental calmness through the use of controlling or suspending thoughts for a certain period of time. Since meditation involves physical and mental relaxation, it's a great way to relieve stress.

The most notable research on
's usefulness in relieving stress was done in 1968 by Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard University. He conducted a series of experiments on popular meditation techniques and published his findings in the book "The Relaxation Response." He discovered that meditation has a "real effect on reducing stress and controlling the fight-or-flight response." Meditation is all about consciously relaxing your mind and body for a period of time. The act of meditation is actually quite simple to do. Meditation is something that anyone can do almost anywhere.

The Soul Of Healing MeditationsMeditation doesn't require hours of practicing at a time for it to be effective in reducing stress. Practicing meditation is ten- or twenty-minute time slots is definitely good enough.

Effective meditation requires that you're in a comfortable, quiet environment. Stress-relieving meditation is all about concentration. Focus your attention of your breathing throughout your entire meditation session. Imagery is very popular in meditation. Music is also a popular way to help mind concentration during meditation. The key to meditation is mind control. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to learn not to let your mind wander to other thoughts while you're in a meditation session.

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